User Security Agreement

By purchasing and/or using AJAX products and software for commercial purposes (e.g. B as a service delivery tool), you confirm that you agree to this agreement, that you accept the privacy policy ( presented on our website and that you warrant that AJAX`s privacy policy is respected to the extent that ajax provides it with respect to third parties and/or all users of the products. What information did AJAX give you access to? In addition, you guarantee that you have the appropriate capacity and means to implement the above-mentioned Directive. In order for a guarantee right to be linked to guarantees held by retrospective buyers, it must be perfected. If the guarantee agreement for a purchasing currency is an interest for the safety of consumer goods, perfection is automatic. Otherwise, the lender must register either the agreement itself or a UCC-1 financing statement in an appropriate public place (usually the Secretary of State or a public affairs commission under that person`s authority). The refinement of interest rates creates a constructive notification that is legally sufficient to inform the rest of the world of the lender`s rights over the guarantees. If a borrower has used the same property as collateral in respect of multiple security agreements with different lenders, the first lender to collect interest has the strongest right to that property. Under U.S. law, a security agreement governs the relationship between the parties to a financial transaction known as a secure transaction. In the case of a secured transaction, the licensor (usually a borrower, but perhaps a guarantor or guarantor) entrusts, grants and mortgages the lessee (usually the lender) with a protective interest for personal property, called a guarantee.

Examples of typical guarantees are shares, livestock and vehicles. A guarantee contract is not used to transfer shares of real estate (land / real estate) but only in personal property. The document used by lenders to obtain a right of pledge on real estate is a mortgage or trust deed. A guarantee agreement may be oral if the party (the lender) is in physical possession of the security rights. If the collateral is physically held by the borrower or if the collateral is immaterial (e.g.B a patent. [1] in the case of a claim or a certificate of claim), the guarantee contract must be made in writing to comply with the Fraud Act. The security contract must be certified by the debtor, i.e. it must either bear the debtor`s signature or be marked electronically. It must contain an appropriate description of the security rights and use words that show the intention to create a guarantee right (the right to demand repayment of the loan by attachment of the guarantees).

For the collateral contract to be valid, the borrower must normally have rights to the security rights at the time of performance of the contract. If a borrower mortgages as collateral a car belonging to a neighbor and the neighbor does not know and approves of this promise, then the security agreement is inoperative. . . .