Thrift Collection Agreement

The bag is where you put the money, the record book or the economy software and the card. It should be a very large bag that can hold all these things. Most people use those that hang the box above their neck. The pen is written for recording or writing the money you received and anything else. Please, if you know you lack self-discipline and good management skills, don`t embarrass yourself by going into an economic recovery business. This case is reserved for honest and respected people. AGENCE receives a fee as a percentage of all amounts recovered on behalf of CLIENT. Agence can deduct its rights to the amounts recovered; However, all amounts due to the CLIENT are held in a separate receiver account. In the event that a debtor returns goods, the value for the purposes of the agreement is the net selling price received for the same product or, if the goods are accepted by the customer, 1/2 of its wholesale value. Please which agency is responsible for registering the Thrift collection in Nigeria, the client is allowed to withdraw accounts as soon as they have been transferred by the AGENCE, but if collections are made in connection with such accounts, the Agency is declared and the agency`s fees are paid. Thank you.

For your updates, the business venture is always profitable with the front of modern technology like POS, ATM, mobile transfer, etc. Enter the name of the collection agency called AGENCY and enter the name of the client called CLIENT, agree: Thrift`s collection operation is a daily collection operation, as the name suggests. Here you have to go around houses, offices, houses, shops, institutions, etc. to collect people`s money; Keep it for herself for a few days. Sometimes 30 days or more depending on the individual. At the end of the month, you withdraw 1% of the money that each person contributes as a percentage, while you pay the rest of the money to the depositor. Assuming someone gives you #1,000 a day for 31 days, give #30,000 to the person at the end of the month, while keeping #1,000 for you. I know a lady who walks into a collection store in Abuja.

She lives in Bwari Local Government Area, but does business at Municipal. No one around her knows what she is doing. It closes at four o`clock after you deposit the money in the bank, so you will take it for a government employee. Start your marketing with people you know and trust. The thrift collection company is a company that lives on trust, you have to do everything to win and preserve people`s trust. Your family and friends are a great way to start and gain the necessary confidence and then expand to market women, Okada drivers, shopkeepers and workshops in your neighborhood. No, Emmanuel You don`t need a local or government license to do a savings-recovery operation. All you need is TRUST, SELF DISCIPLINE and Financial Intelligence. With these, you can start your marketing and you are in business! The money is collected daily, weekly and/or monthly by a so-called thrifty.