Software Agreement Format

Disclaimer This sample legal document has been provided by MaRS Discovery District for informational purposes and does not constitute advertising, invitation or legal advice. Neither the transmission of this example document nor the transmission of information contained on this website is intended to establish a lawyer/client relationship and obtaining it does not constitute a justification for a lawyer/client relationship. Internet subscribers and online readers should not rely on this sample legal document or the information contained on this website without obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer working in the reader`s province. „Agreement” includes that Agreement and its schedules and drivers. The licensor should refuse all warranties, except those expressly defined in the license agreement. If licensor does not express all other warranties, licensor may be liable that the licensed software does not conform to the market or use for which it is intended by the licensee. 11.8 Counter-parts. The Contracting Parties may execute this Agreement in several counterparties, each representing an original vis-à-vis the Party it has signed and which together form an Agreement. The signatures of all Contracting Parties shall not appear on the same object.

The service of consideration signed by fax, e-mail or other electronic transmission containing a copy of the signature of the sending party is as effective as the signature and personal service of the equivalent. Many agreements involve a 40% payment upon installation. In addition to this free document, we publish a series of model legal agreements related to software development. These are published both on which provides downloadable MS Word templates and on Docular, which contains an online editor and allows downloads in a variety of formats. The Developer agrees to exempt, defend and protect the Customer from all actions and costs related to the Software, including reasonable attorneys` fees resulting from the Developer`s infringement of the intellectual rights of third parties. . . .