Schlumberger Master Service Agreement

24.2 The contractor holds all the intellectual property rights that are expressed in the services and goods/products made available to the company by the contractor or created in connection with the provision of such services or products/products to the company. The contractor does not transfer ownership rights over this intellectual property to the company. If a possible patent or register right in a country of the world results from the evolution of the contractor, let all these rights be returned to the contractor under that agreement or in some other way. 26.4 Corporate audit law. The contractor agrees that the company has the right, after seven (7) days prior to written notification to the licensee, to conduct a review of the licensee with respect to the operation of the plant for and on behalf of the company, in order to determine, to the satisfaction of the company, whether the licensee`s actions or failures may subject the company to the responsibility of the FCPA. All hearings of the contractors are conducted only in the presence of the contractor`s lawyer. The contractor undertakes to participate fully in such an investigation, the scope of which is limited to the contract and excludes fees, confidential information, privileged information, mark-ups, etc., which cannot be established in isolation. Any member of the group of companies participating in such an investigation or audit by the state has entered into a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of a state investigation or audit. Such a review is done exclusively at the expense of society. 33.3 This agreement may be executed in a number of identical equivalents, each of which is to be considered original for all purposes and is all a collective agreement. To facilitate execution, a single quid pro quo can be executed with additional signature pages.

19.3.3 Any attempt to serve or effectively serve a court or administrative order, subpoena or subpoena requiring the disclosure of confidential information. The party receiving the application, subpoena, order or subpoena will only provide confidential information to the other party with the consent of the holder or with the final order of a court responsible for the case to third parties. 24.3 The holder is liable only for claims against intellectual property resulting from the normal use of the goods, products and services provided by the contractor. The holder is not liable for intellectual property infringements arising from intellectual property rights arising from a company`s normal use of goods/products and services of the contract. The owner is not responsible for intellectual property infringements: 24.3.2 if the contractor`s products or services have been specially modified, designed and/or manufactured to meet a company`s specifications; H. Violation and notification. The licensee must promptly correct the infringement in the event of a finding of a violation of the relevant legal provisions of the country of operation for health, safety or the environment or additional health, safety and environmental requirements imposed by this agreement or work order, whether the violation is found by an internal control of the supplier, by a control or inspection by the company or by other means. Where there is a possibility of injury to a person or loss or property damage, all work involved is completed until the situation is corrected.