Carroll County Public Schools Master Agreement

Links to the treaties can be found under The full meetings can be viewed on the CCPS YouTube channel. „While hiring additional special educators for this year will help some schools, special educators still need extra time outside the classroom, which they can spend doing the immense amount of paperwork they have to complete,” she wrote. The Commissioners funded the CCPS for a statutory amount of $198.4 million, an increase of $1.2 million. Prior to the coronavirus upheaval, the county`s conditional budget for 2021 included an increase in public funding for schools of about $6.1 million, according to budget documents. The Commissioners took a conservative approach to the 2021 budget and adopted a budget that was $1.2 million lower than the previous year`s total value. They cited concerns about the unknown financial impact of COVID-19 and said they hoped to review this year`s budget in the fall. Five unions represent CCPS employees. At its July 8 meeting, the Board of Education ratified agreements with the Carroll Association of School Employees (CASE) — which represents LPNs, office workers, teachers and special educators — and Carroll County administrators and supervisors. In addition to the AECB treaty, the board of directors voted this week to ratify contracts with the Carroll County Food Services Association and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employee Services (AFSCME), Local 2741. „Both sides were pretty close to the deal on a wage package before COVID[-19] hit,” McCulloh wrote in an email. „The reduction of credits by the district commissioners delayed the salary agreement by several months. However, negotiations experienced further difficulties during the year.

In addition, many of the proposals we have put forward have been rejected by the Board of Directors without opposition. So we didn`t have much to negotiate on many occasions. The AECB will meet next time to begin discussion on the next contract shortly after the start of the school year,” said McCulloh. „We discussed last month how the negotiation process, like everything else, has gone off the rails over the past eight months,” Superintendent Steve Lockard said at the education committee meeting on Aug. 12. „But for everyone`s honor, we were able to stick to it. Everyone worked hard, and everyone changed their expectations when we moved forward to find solutions. President Donna Sivigny repeated Lockard`s comments by saying that COVID-19 and the virtual movement influenced the timing. No other member of the board of directors spoke. She said she wished she had gotten more for special education. According to McCulloh, special educators are „inundated” when trying to balance work with students and the graduation thesis. The school system added six new special educators this year, according to a CCPS spokesman.

Dover Police Administrators Memorandum of Agreement Dover Professional Employees Association Memorandum of Agreement Typically, staff contracts are approved earlier in the year, but CCPS officials cited COVID-19 as the reason for the delay. The new contract went into effect retroactively to July 1, 2020 and expires on June 30, 2021, said Teresa McCulloh, president of the Carroll County Education Association (CCEA). . . .